Terms of sale

General Terms and Conditions of Sales

1.     General

The following Terms of Sales regulate the offer and the sale of products on the web site belnotes.com.  Products placed on belnotes.com are sold, but not necessarily manufactured by Belnotes Srl (from now on Belnotes).  Products purchased on belnotes.com are directly sold by Belnotes Srl, headquartered in Italy, Corso Milano, 23    – 20900 Monza - VAT N. 07287490960, Capital Euro 10.000.  Belnotes operational branch is in Italy , C/o Polo Tecnologico Brianza, Via L. Autobianchi, 1 20033 Desio (MB). 

Belnotes sell products on belnotes.com and carries on its own business of e-commerce towards end users.


2.     Purchase contract

In order to close the buying of one or more products on belnotes.com, you shall fill in the order format on the web site and send it to Belnotes by internet, following the relevant instructions.

Upon receiving your order format, Belnotes will verify each piece of information in it.  By then the contract is valid.   

Before ordering any product by sending the order format, please read carefully the Terms of Sales.  You may print or save a copy for you r further reference.

The language of the contract is English.

Once the contract is completed, Belnotes will start managing your order.

Blenotes may not proceed with orders which either not provide enough guarantees in terms of payments or are not completely correct or in case of shortage of stock. In any of these cases, Belnotes will inform you by mail that the contract is not completed and that Belnotes has not moved forward in managing your order specifying the relevant reasons. 

In case  of a shortage of stock of the products at the time of your order, Belnotes will promptly (in any case no more than 30 days after the date of you order)  inform you about such a shortage.

In sending by internet the order format you completely accept these Terms of Sales which regulate the sell/buy relationship with you.

Should you not agree on some the points in these Terms of Sales, please do not send the order format to buy products on belnotes.com.


By sending the order format you confirm that you accept the Terms of Sales and any additional information on belnotes.com.

Once the contract is completed, Belnotes will send you by mail an order confirmation reporting a summary of all the information reported in the format (i.e. regarding product information, price, payment, terms and delivery costs)


3.     Guarantees and prices

Belnotes.com offers exclusively high quality products.  The products are purchased directly from selected manufacturers known for their strict quality standards.

Each product sheet on belnotes.com reports in detail key elements of the product.  Product images and colors may differ from real ones due to both the performance of the internet browser or the video used.  Dimensions and modeling of some hand made products may slightly differs from actual ones.

Product prices may be updated.  Make sure you know the current price before sending the order format.

4.     Payments

In order to pay the products you can use one of choices reported in the order format.

In case of payment by credit card, your financial information (i.e., credit card number and its expiry date) will be sent, trough encrypted protocol, to the bank in charge of electronic payments.   Nobody else other than the bank will ever have access to the information.  Belnotes will not use the information other than: 1)complete the procedure for your order; 2) refund  sums related to products sent back to Belnotes based on your right to withdraw; 3) prevent or inform police department about frauds on belnotes.com

5.     Shipping

Delivery time and costs are reported in working days within the summary sheet of your order.   Please, read carefully the sheet as the information in it are substantial part of these Terms of Sales.  Therefore, such information are considered completely known and accepted by you as you transmit the order.

Delays of delivery lower than 30 (thirty) days grant the right neither  to refuse the delivery nor to receive any indemnity whatsoever.  Belnotes, in case it is required by manufacturing needs,  may deliver single orders in more than one lot.


6.     Delivery of products

When the shipping company delivers the parcel, the Customer should check the following:

-        The number of boxes is the same of the one reported in the packing list attached to the shipment.

-        The packaging is neither damaged nor wet nor anyway changed in shape, regarding also the closing materials like tape or other material.

-        The items in the box look undamaged


7.     Defects and replacement 

Belnotes uses exclusively reinforced packaging boxes.  However, it may happen that a product reaches the Customer damaged.  In such a circumstance, it’s enough for the Customer to send images of the damaged item and, after an evaluation of the damage by our technicians, Belnotes will promptly send you a replacement item.

The damage product shall be packed again with the original packaging material and returned to the shipping company. The damage shall be proved by a photo or a video.  The replacement procedure shall start upon receipt of the photos or videos from the Customer.  Photos or videos shall reach Belnotes within 48 h. form the time of delivery.  Belnotes shall act as quickly as possible in order to reduce waiting times.


 8.     Cancellation Right

You have the right to cancel the contract with Belnotes, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten (10) working days from the day you receive the products purchased on belnotes.com.

It is not possible to change  the product received with another one.  Cancellation right does not apply with regard to products used for very personal use, like mattress and pillows, in case the packaging materials has been removed.

In order to cancel the contract you shall use the Return Form.

In this case you shall return Belnotes products handing them over to the shipping company for delivery within ten (10) working days starting from the day you received the products.

The only expense you shall bear is the shipping cost of the returned product.

In case  you use the shipping company reported in the Return Form by Belnotes , you shall not pay directly the shipping cost of the returned items.  Such cost will be paid up front by Belnotes.  When Belnotes will refund you, it will deduct from  the sum an amount equal to the original shipping cost.

Furthermore, from the time you return the products to the shipping company reported by Belnotes, you shall not be responsible any longer for any product loss or damage during the shipping.

On top of the above mentioned terms, the Cancellation Right can be fully claimed only after fulfillment  of the following conditions:  

  1. the Return Form shall be filled in correctly and sent  it to Belnotes within ten (10) working days from receiving the products.    
  2. products shall not have been used, worn, washed or damaged.

b.   the identification tag should still be attached to the products with the disposable seal which forms integral part of the item.

c.   products shall be returned with their original package (in case of a kit, you shall return all the items in it).

d.   products shall be shipped to Belnotes in only one shipment.  Belnotes shall have the rights to reject products of a single order returned in more than one shipment.

e.   products shall be returned  to the shipping company within ten (10) working days from the day you received them

If conditions reported in this Paragraph 8 are met, Belnotes will refund the sums already received based on the relevant terms and conditions .

Refunds will be done as quickly as possible.  In any case, within thirty (30) days from the date in which Belnotes has come to know about your cancellation right, we will start our refund procedure.  Belnotes will refund the sums after having duly checked the above mentioned terms and conditions.

The value date of the refund is the same of the value date of your original payment.  Therefore you shall not have any financial loss from the purchase.

In case you shall not meet the terms and conditions to claim your cancellation right, as reported in this paragraph, you shall not be entitled to the refund of the already paid sums; however, you can have the products back from Belnotes in the same conditions Belnotes received them.


9.     Amendments and update

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time due to new laws and regulations or other reasons. The new General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be effective as of the date of publication on belnotes.com    


 10.  Governing law

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by Italian legislative decree 6 September 2005 no. 206 on distance contracts and by Italian legislative decree 9 April 2003 no. 70 on certain aspects related to e-commerce.