About Us

Tanja spent over fifteen years as export manager in design and fashion companies traveling around the world and dealing with agents, distributors, shops and final consumers.  At the end of each meeting, she would ask herself the same question over and over, why cannot customers truly appreciate the Italian style in combining products into special looks or layouts?

Day after day, Tanja realized the tremendous effort placed by everyone she dealt with to simply put together the product range they were trying to offer.  In every showrooms or shops, from Milan to New York, from Paris to Tokyo, both manager and sales staff lived the burden to present the product to the customer.  There was always something missing. 

Tanja, after becoming mother, saw her time constraining even more forcing her to cut down on shopping.  It was then that she decided to give herself an answer to the same old question and she decided to start belnotes.com.  A web site where people from  around the world with no time, but inclined to beauty could discover how to match products together .  A concept store on the web where people could buy with just a click beautiful products while relaxing in their couches.

She then teamed up swiftly with a manager to build up an efficient system where  high quality Italian  manufacturers gets combined with reliable international shipping companies.  Tanja’s partners represent a solid back up  to the deliver of high quality products combined by creative Italian art directors and sold to very competitive prices.  This is how belnotes.com was born , notes of beauty to make your home everywhere.